Filmography by Jack Flynn & Nick David for VOLA


Every VOLA product is based on a modular design system, creating infinite possibilities that are customisable for any individual’s needs. VOLA products are only ever made to order and hand-crafted at the VOLA factory in Horsens, Denmark.

Modularity is a core component of modernism. VOLA creates products for individuals, at the VOLA factory near Horsens in Denmark. As the company celebrates its half century, the almost unlimited configurations which result from its iconic 111 product is testament to a design system that always looks forward. 

From the creation of its first product by founder Verner Overgaard and celebrated Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, VOLA has always hidden the functional parts, allowing the simplicity and beauty to shine through. This forms the basis of the modular system, giving architects and designers the freedom they want. This flexibility leads to great longevity, with products that were used in schemes in the 1960s still being specified today.

The 111 family of mixers, handles, plates and spouts is a prime example of a truly modular approach to design. Each tap is made using processes that have been honed over decades. Every product is available in an array of finishes, including unique metallics and colours, offering almost unlimited creative scope. VOLA does not keep any products in stock – every product is made to order.

This commitment to simple, beautiful and modular design is the foundation of VOLA’s success to date and will also pave the way for an innovative future, as people increasingly seek out quality and personalisation. The next 50 years look very exciting indeed.

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Dansk designarv VOLA oplevelsen Et løfte om lang levetid

Når du vælger VOLA, får du ikke kun et produkt, hvor design og kvalitet holder i generationer. Du bliver også en del af den danske designhistorie med danske designikoner produceret i den bedste danske håndværkstradition

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