Dewsbury Road I O'Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects


Photography by Rory Gardiner

The use of wood throughout O’Sullivan Skoufoglou’s Dewsbury Road project creates a simple, warm and characterful atmosphere within a typical London terraced house.

The addition at the rear of the home creates a unified space for the kitchen and dining areas and places emphasis on their proximity to the simple yet intimate brick-paved garden. A long bench is incorporated into the façade of deep vertical oak fins, whose rhythm on a brick plinth provides direct views out with sideways privacy. Fabricated and pre-assembled in a family-run workshop, all timber elements exemplify an exceptional level of craftsmanship and quality of natural material. 

"The response of the re-structured room places emphasis on the connection with the garden whilst the dining area is incorporated into the facade of the deep vertical oak fins, whose rhythm on a brick plinth provides direct views out yet retains sideways privacy."

The large opening looks out onto the garden, which is accessible through a generous glazed door to one side of the new space. A pair of hinged panels at either end of the room can also be opened to further extend the interior spaces to the external, allowing fresh air to circulate. With the dining area comprising a bespoke solid-ash table and bench seat, this space connects and fits in seamlessly with the adjacent kitchen cabinets. The built-in units also use the same material palette, helping to create unity throughout the spaces, providing a simple, natural warmth and character.

The light tone and subtle grain of the timber is complemented by a pale stone countertop showcasing a 590 in matt black, paired with a black stove top and cabinet handles punctuating the uniform palette. The black metal roof punctured by a skylight helps connect details whilst also allowing natural light to filter down between the ceiling beams to illuminate the dining area. A sliding door connects the kitchen and dining area with a corridor leading to an open, airy living space at the front of the house, where the same combination of pale-wood furniture and units is used.

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